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Site Design for remarkable events

Event Site Design is an industry-leading Site Design, Production and Operations specialist who create highly detailed CAD plans and Site Mark-Outs that give birth to spectacular outdoor events.

Effective planning of large-scale events requires up-to-date knowledge of the technology required to launch stunning festivals, concerts, parades, horse trials, showsand outdoor events.

We provide the expertise that will make your events live long in the memoryfor all the right reasons.

Event Site Design has spent more than a decade refining highly effective systems for superb events including our unique Mark-Out service supported by GPS surveying equipment and market-leading CAD Planning.

By working with us you can feel confident in your site’s design, knowing you’ve given your event the best chance of success.

Our comprehensive Event Production and Operations service looks after the heartbeat of your event, allowing it to run efficiently, safely and to your exacting standards.

Site Plans

Our Site Plans use cutting-edge technology, giving you complete peace of mind. They automatically list infrastructure – itemising marquees, fencing and other equipment, while including detail such as size, quantity, supplier information and even estimated cost.

We will create you a smart, precise site map drawn consistently with clear colour coding that’s easy for your operations staff to follow while being technically relevant and useful. Our CAD planning is quick, efficient and accurate.


Markers on the ground are easy to follow, consistent and accurate, using colour coding and geospatial references pulled from your Site Plan. We use the latest GNSS/GPS surveying technology on a real-time network.

We provide a handover pack with every Mark-Out, including a pack of code cards to your team and contractors navigate the site.

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Site Design Consultancy

We create detailed design plans with you and your operations staff, helping you develop a site for your event based on your needs, combining it with our precise GPS Mark-Out service.

Ouronline tools enables you to view plans, feedback amends and comment directly onto the plan with your team.

We can advise and help you with the safety aspects of an event, how to build in facilities, manage capacities and build calculated spaces such as stage viewing areas. Our consultancy is comprehensive and designed to leave you confident you have the best possible Site Design.

Full Event Production and Operations

Our expertise lies not only in the Site Design, but in the complete fulfilment of Event Production and Operations.

We provide this wide ranging and extensive service for a selection of regular clients, providing services such as procurement, licensing and planning, logistics and site management service.

We revel in looking after the heartbeat of running a large-scale outdoor event – giving you peace of mind from planning to delivery.


We’re a no-nonsense, system driven event management company that has decades of experience producing large-scale events and festivals providing Site Production and Operations fulfilment.

We’re particularly passionate about our radically transparent approach to working with our clients, with full exposure to our project management systems and process principles.

We believe accurate Site Design Planning and centimetre-precise Mark-Outs are key to success of any event.

We use the latest Satellite GNSS technology to create smart, accurate and detailed plans complemented by easy to follow Mark-Outs that help, not hinder, your operations teams.

We’re also able to judge when traditional methods should be used – utilising our years of experience to identify the smartest way to get the job done in the most efficient manner.

The last thing a big event needs is inconsistencies in Mark-Out causing headaches on opening night.

Work with us and put your trust in proven processes, tools and results that create some of the world’s best loved events.



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